The Varaždin klipič in hotel Turist

Date of publication: 30.01.2019

For now the Hotel Turist is the only place that sells the “real” Varaždin klipič.
Varaždin klipič from now on and with a protected geographical indication.

After completing the application process and meeting more demanding criteria, the Association of Chefs of Varaždin County received a certificate of origin or geographical indication. Along with a detailed description of the product, the methods of obtaining the product, the name of the product and the proof of origin as well as the geographical area of ​​production, VARAŽDINSKI KLIPIČ deservedly gained its place among the products of the original Croatian origin and thus was included in the prestigious list of the same.
We highlight some of them with an emphasis on local products; Varaždin cabbage, Zagorje turkey, Zagorje mlinci, Neretva mandarin, Baranja kulen, Dalmatian prosciutto, Lika potatoes, etc.

Hotel Turist is still the only place where you can buy the only "real" Varaždin klipič made using the secure method of obtaining, now certified by the EU Commission.

Come, see for yourself and taste the quality and tradition in one, because not every klipić is not a Varaždin klipič.

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