Thank you for 50 successful years!

Date of publication: 18.11.2014

Hotel Turist marks a grand jubilee – 50 years in business! 

Our 50th birthday celebrations are coming to an end. During the last month we've gifted you with special discounts and prizes, we've discovered some of the hotel's well kept secrets. You've had the opportunity to meet some of our current and former employees and find out about the ways the hotel changed and evolved throughout the years.

The final act of our grand jubilee was held yesterday - a reception was held for our employees and business partners. The party was joyful and reminiscent of the moments in hotel's and city's histories.

More than 500 employees contributed to the hotel's development in the last 50 years. Each one of them embedded a piece of themselves into the hotel and for this we wholeheartedly thank them! The names that created and still keep creating the hotel will be written in our books, but can also be read from the faces and smiles of our contented clients. We are very proud of this and it represents the core value which we aim to keep in our 50 years to come.

The number of our guests from 1964 until today is virtually uncountable, but we thank them all, as well as our partners, suppliers, associates...

We believe that the future will be marked with success and we look forward to it!

Thank you