Sweet Baroque offer in Hotel Turist

Date of publication: 27.09.2019

The autumn is coming slowly to the city, and with it it sounds of baroque music. Enjoy our special Baroque.

For the period when the city of Varaždin spreads the sounds of the baroque compositions of the Varazdin Baroque evenings, we have prepared a special offer for those who like to relax with coffee.
Go to Hotel Turist and enjoy our special baroque offer:

  • Baroque coffee (espresso, whiped cream with rum, chocolate clef) and salty "Varaždin" bagel- 12,00 kn
  • Baroque coffee (espresso, whiped cream with rum, chocolate clef) and chocolate pie "Mađarica" - 15,00 kn

Sit in aperiritv hotel bar, relax and enjoy the early fall colors and sounds of baroque music...