Sunny or rainy – Varaždin is always shining!

Date of publication: 05.03.2015

No matter what the weather conditions are, Varaždin always finds a way to show its beauty. 

It is no secret that Varaždin is one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. And this is not just a subjective decision coming from its inhabitants, it is an impression felt by every visitor. The special thing about Varaždin is how it displays its beauty no matter what the weather conditions are. Rainy or sunny – Varaždin always finds a way to enchant us!

A reporter and a photographer for eVaraždin, Zoran Stanko, used the weather in the past few days to show us two faces of this town: rainy in the night and sunny in the day. Night-time photos discover how the rain drops create mirrors out of the worn city streets, which reflect the light coming from the city lights, while day-time photos fascinate with brightness, clear atmosphere and rich colors. Enjoy the gallery!

Source: eVaraž