A new A la carte Menu of hotel Turist

Date of publication: 21.11.2018

A new a la carte restaurant is available at Hotel Turist. Spread your imagination with your gastro senses.

To our great pleasure, from November 26th, 2018, we have offered a selection of dishes from the new and enriched a la carte menu of the Hotel Turist Restaurant. We are convinced that we continue to climb the ladder towards excellence, to which we strive. This excellence and culinary sustainable advantage, above all relates to the insistence on the quality of our entire offer, and above all the choice of quality ingredients and raw materials. With a creative expression of young chefs and a handful of fresh ideas, we hope that we have made a step forward and that the new menu is a true refreshment that will contribute to maintaining our position as a “culinary nursery of staff and ideas” and a gastronomic leader in Varaždin and northwestern Croatia. We are also proud of the fact that the meat and eggs from our kitchen are from Croatian farms and local growers, and vegetables and fruits from Croatian farms.
The refreshed menu contains native and halal dishes, and inspired by today's visitor demands, the menu highlights all allergens as well as specially segmented vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free meals.

The great offer includes:

Hot Appetizer: Fried ravioli with goose liver and pumpkin
Main course: Chicken breast with apricot and truffles
Grilled dish: Pheasant roasts with truffles on pumpkin puree
Dessert: Creamy mint and lime balls on honeycombs with ground pistachio and fruit.

Congratulations to our entire team for the enthusiasm and hard work that has been put into preparing this new menu and to everyone who additionally spiced it up with their own distinctive signature.

Welcome and bon apetit!