19. Špancifest starts today

Date of publication: 18.08.2017

Špancirfest will be held in Varaždin from 18. to 27. August. This birthday represents a kind edge of maturity, when the people, but also festivals, step out from teenager to still cheerful and playful, maturity.


Špancirfest brings visitors a cheerful blend of a whole range of programs, which could, each and every, be the theme of independent festivals. In addition to the variety of entertainment and the rich show-sale or gastronomic offer, Špancirfest has been promoting the development of cultural and creative industries, bringing creativity to direct contact with the market, giving them the incentive to further develop their business, but also encourage visitors to explore their own talents and skills, or simply inspire themselves SpancirFest and all that it brings.


Varaždin and Špancirfest are today many synonyms. Špancirfest is the most important tourist attraction of Varaždin, its central cultural and tourist event, which is extremely important not only because of its direct tourist or economic impact but also its social and development importance for Varaždin and its region.

Various visitors have met Varazdin through Špancirfest. The openness, serenity, joy and character of the festival derive from the spirit and the mentality of the city in which it is created and is transmitted throughout Croatia and Europe, where every satisfied "spanier" becomes the best ambassador of Varaždin The secret ingredient of success Špancirfest are just „Varaždinke“ and „Varaždinci“ that give the measure and form.


In 2017, a special emphasis was placed on the integrity and uniformity of the festival offer. Listening to the wishes and desires of the visitors, Špancirfest in its 19th edition brings a varied and balanced program. The concept and design special attention was focused on the selection of locations, performers, but also further strengthen the creative, street and Exhibitor-sales and gastronomic segment of the festival in order to allow visitors to the day all the senses enjoy everything Špancirfest and Varazdin provide. And they will give them a great deal.

This year's Špancirfest brings more than 400 different contents: concerts, performances, creative workshops, performances, street performances and exhibitions with a rich gastronomic and sales exhibition on all 35 hectares of the historic core of Varaždin. Literally, the entire pedestrian zone of the city, its streets, squares, parks and parks will be transformed into a large open-air stage, and individual parts of the program will be updated in content and time, so that visitors can participate in as many content as possible.


The concert program of Špancirfesta will take place on four separate stage music stages: Royal Zone, Villa Bedeković, Miljenko Stančić Square and Kralja Tomislava Square (Korzo). Diversity was the main thought of guiding the program, so the location and the artists were chosen to offer visitors a choice on each festival day, which would satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

The square of Miljenko Stančić and the square of Kralja Tomislava bring the stage unobtrusively to two of the most beautiful Varaždin square. The facades of Varaždin's Korza, the heart of the city, will be transformed into a multimedia canvas featuring songs from Songkillers, Natali Dizdar, Nola, Cat pawsa, Soul Sisters and others and the popular Stančić brings names like Nikola Marjanovic, Mangroove, Greta, Marka Louisa and Jakša Jordesa and host the DJs.

The Bedekovic Stage with its carefully selected, more intimate program adapted to the fairytale ambiance has become a real hit for the last few years. She will again bring a mix of concert and theater program this year, with concerts of the audience always loved by Mass, the sevdah attractions of God's Bags, the klapa Maslina and Contra with guest Harri Roncevic, the incredible capo of Voca People from Israel and Sudar percusssiona. In addition to the concerts, in the villa Bedekovic will play Histrioni and Moruzgva, and stand-up comedian Ivan Šarić will also take care of the laughter. Because of the limited capacity for the program, the Bedekovic will be charged for tickets - 50 and 70 kuna concerts, and performances 40 kuna - while all other music programs of Špancirfest in 2017 will be free for visitors.


The street program is the soul of Špancirfest. In 2017, streets and squares of Špancirfesta will play 60 street programs of some of the most interesting street artists from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA, street musicians and other performers who represent their art in direct contact with the public. For music on the street will take care of young, talented artists selected as Hero of Špancirfest, as always, a special location reserved for jam sessions.

The Kapucinsky Square will host the mega-attraction of Architects of Air for the first time in Croatia. It is about 10 meters in height, with a total area of 1400 square meters with a large number of tunnels which, thanks to the light effects, give visitors an unusual experience of exploring the labyrinth. Architects of Air have so far been present in 40 countries on five continents, and Kapucinsko Square will provide hours and hours of enjoyment for all generations.


Moto of Špancirest is "Run your creativity." For several years, the festival has been strategically focused on the role of a catalyst for the development of cultural and creative industries and the creation of conditions for connecting artists with the broad market. Additionally, Špancirfest wants special programs to encourage visitors to actively engage in various workshops or programs to explore their own, perhaps at first glance concealed, creativity.

This year, Špancirfest brings back a handful of creative programs like Kreativnice in a specially designed street in the narrow street with 20 designers of all design branches, an exceptionally popular and popular Creative Park with many workshops, plays and music for children and young people.

There is also a special program of adult workshops on acupuncture of the city, multimedia or new technologies, and the new is Špancir-art street located in Školska Street, which will become an atelier of the Varaždin artists in the open. The creativity of Spancirfest will also be reflected in air installations such as footsteps, shoes, pendant lamps, and re-setting a favorite motif for photographing - the giant inscription Špancirfest, which served as the backdrop for thousands of photo memories last year.


The indispensable part of Špancirfest is also the number of exhibitors that visitors present with their products, souvenirs or the offer of authentic gastronomic delicacies. More than 100 exhibitors will present their offer, covering a wide range of traditional-to-contemporary creativity. Draškovićeva street will become Varaždin's Craft Street. This project is extremely important for Špancirfest because of the rich offer of festivals in particular to emphasize the value, traditions and art of the Varazdin craftsmen who have been with the Festival since its first day.


Royal area, an unavoidable meeting point of entertainment, gastronomy, music, dancing and socializing becomes a kind heart Špancirfest that delivers rich music program at a unique stage in Croatia, located in the park Varazdin's Old Town, between its walls and the western wall.

During the day, the Royal Zone will be a place for a pleasant companionship with the offer of the best Croatian street food restaurants, selected wine and beer labels and creative content in the Arts & Crafts area. The afternoon, evening and night program brings concerts and DJ performances, divided into several interesting ensembles: the weekend will dance with Funky Lunch Time with the Croatian Funk Delegation and over the week at Swing Dinner Time by Gadjo Manouche & Guests. The evening music program features the Stars Night with the best tribute bands such as Beyonce Tribute, the Abba Real Tribute, the Queen Tribute, the Beatles Tribute, the Michael Jackson Tribute, the James Brown tribute band and the daily performances of bands from the Varazdin scene. The Špancirfest Club is a night out weekend with DJs such as Tomo Ricov, Tome in der Mühlena, Gramophonedzie, Diskobajagi or Varazdin DJs. There are also concerts of Kojota and Vatra, DJ ex-Yu music program, Đipsiraj, Club EX revival and many more.


Špancirfest, as one of the main generators of tourist offer and development of Varaždin, has stimulated interest in creating cultural and creative industries, creating significant value added to the destination, and with all the social, tourist and promotional value of this great strategic project and business results prove the continuous growth of catering, commercial and total tourist traffic, which in 2016 amounted to more than HRK 34 million in ten days of the festival. Let's mention that Špancirfest visits more than 150,000 visitors for ten days, which confirms the existence of a significant market for business partners or exhibitors.

The success of such a large and complex project is possible only with the help and support of the partner, which is provided by the City of Varaždin from the outset. The value of the festival is recognized by sponsors, and some of them, such as the general sponsor, Vindija from Varaždin with Špancirfest, have a longstanding, highly successful partnership. Along with Špancirfest, the city of Varaždin and the general sponsor, Varazdin Vindija have been in the beginning. Vindija to Špancirfest participates with its program where it emphasizes the legendary Vindiland, designed for play, fun and learning the youngest on already known location around the Old Town and the Chain tower where the small kids „špancireri“ this year to create wonderful memories that will always come back in Varazdin .