Golden chefs

Golden Chefs

The most awarded group of chefs in Croatia is right here in Hotel Turist! They have been receiving top recognitions since 2004, when our head chef, Damir Crleni, won the prestigious title of Golden Chef. The years that followed brought recognition to other members of the Turist staff: Marija Kuzminski, former sous-chef, Marijan Ivanuša, cook, and Anđelko Levanić, also cook.

Our 'Golden Chefs' are the greatest acknowledgment of the mission and the vision of Hotel Turist and the affirmation of continual investment in high-quality service.

Come and try our Golden Chef cuisine!

The Golden Menu

The head chef at Hotel Turist, culinary academician and the premier Golden Chef in Croatia, Damir Crleni, is treating you to the exclusive, inspired and succulent offer of eats dubbed the 'Golden Menu', made at your request for you and your party of guests.

Simply order the menu which satisfies your taste buds, and then lose yourself in the delicate harmony of tastes which will satisfy even the most demanding palate!

"When you awake with the image of a perfect food in front of you: the colours, the aromas and the taste, when your eye catches that one perfect morsel, and when even the empty plate seems to point you to fresh gourmet experiences, the best ending to that moment is the Golden Menu."

Damir Crleni


Meet out chefs and cooks, and their accomplishments:

Damir Crleni, the head of food&beverage sector, former head chef of Hotel Turist, the first Golden Chef in Croatia, Chairman of the Croatian Chef Society and a culinary academician, has been with us since 1996. His long-term commitment and practical experience not only raises the bar for his profession, but also serves as a true hub for the culinary brand of high-quality continental cooking.
He constantly hones his craft by attending numerous European and world-level cooking competitions, both as a participant and as a judge.

Marijan Ivanuša, sous chef, is also a bearer of the gold medal from the chef competitions in 2008, making him another of our Golden Chefs.